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Ariel Pictures of the new Northside WWTW at RAF Lossiemouth

19 Sep 2023

In 2021 Lagan MEICA were appointed by The Defence Infrastructure Organisation to undertake the detailed design, construction and commissioning of a scheme of works at RAF Lossiemouth which included;

  • A new Waste Water Treatment works on the Northside of the base comprising of a new inlet works, storm management, primary settlement, trickling filters and final settlement as well as sludge management and storage.
  • 3 new network pumping stations and control systems
  • Silt detection system for surface water drainage
  • Fire Water Tank Auto-level control
  • Automated potable pump set for aircraft water fill
  • Aircraft Lav disposal system and booster set

Following on from main scope of works Lagan MEICA were instructed to deliver;

  • A pumped main linkage between the existing Domestic WWTW and the newly constructed WWTW
  • Development of a new Inlet Works, Primary Settlement, Siphon Splitter, Flow Equalisation, Sludge Management & Storage on an operational site.
  • 3 new network pumping stations and control systems

These works have helped to facilitate ongoing development at RAF while ensuring stringent consent standards are met throughout.

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