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Dew Piling completes multiple contracts on the £113 million Gateways to Oldham Project

27 Aug 2012

Dew Piling have now successfully completed 3 separate piling contracts on the £113 million Gateways to Oldham project where more than 300 new council homes will be built and 322 council properties will be refurbished.

The overall scheme includes two new community centers, improved parking, footpaths, street lighting and a retail unit over a 25-year period. Areas earmarked for improvements include the Crossley and Primrose Bank estates with the new homes built on brown field sites at Westwood and Fitton Hill.

“Today marks the start of a significant transformation in Oldham’s housing provision and we are delighted to be part of that. We have an excellent site team in place that have already been busy making links with the local community to ensure we utilize our presence in the borough to create local employment and training opportunities.”
Steve Jackson, Wates Living Space’s regional managing director
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