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H&J Martin support Gate Safety Week 2016

03 Oct 2016

H&J Martin Asset Management Services, as members of the Door & Hardware Federation, are supporting an action campaign designed to dramatically improve the safety of automated gates in the UK.

The Door & Hardware Federation’s Powered Gate Group has announced that October 10th – 16th will be Gate Safety Week, organised to raise awareness of the dangers that powered gates pose, and to advise as many people as possible on how to choose safe gates or make their existing powered gates safe.

The campaign is underpinned by the clear and simple campaign slogan – Safe Gates Save Lives!

More than two thirds of all automated gates installed in the UK do not comply with latest legislation and could pose a serious safety risk. The Door & Hardware Federation is partnering with a number of organisations in the safety, enforcement, inspection, education and security sectors who will be lending their support to the campaign.

H&J Martin Asset Management Services are pleased to be supporting this initiative and hope that Gate Safety Week 2016 will play a vital part in significantly raising levels of gate safety. H&J Martin Door & Gates department plan to bring this campaign to the attention of their clients as a proactive awareness measure against Gate related incidents and accidents. The specialist In House Gates and Barriers team will be able to provide further specific technical details on all statutory gate related queries.

To find out more about Gate Safety Week visit the website

To contact a member of H&J Martin’s Door & Gate team please call: 02895 560012

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