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Lagan Construction Group Generously Gives Back

23 Jan 2017

As a family run business, Lagan Construction Group recognises the importance of giving back to the community and supporting families so that they feel safe, secure and valued. As such, the Group generously supported St Vincent de Paul’s (SVP), “Don’t let any family have an empty Christmas” appeal last December by donating toys, gifts, food, shoeboxes, vouchers and much more to families and individuals across Northern Ireland.

“Your support will ensure that many families/individuals across Northern Ireland will have a Happy Christmas and it will give them a positive and hopeful start to 2017.”
Pauline Brown, Regional Manager at SVP
“In such a fast paced industry like construction, it’s all too easy for businesses to fall out of touch with the community that has supported them. That’s why here at Lagan Construction Group we make a point of reaching out to the community and giving back to those in need. Our business mission is: ‘To provide construction and asset management solutions in an environment where people feel safe, secure and valued.’ Only by striving to mirror this within our community are we able to maintain the business integrity and family values that underpin our Group as a whole. I wish Saint Vincent de Paul the very best in their efforts to provide food, fuel and basic clothing to those in need across Northern Ireland and am confident that they made the very best use of our donations.”
Colin Loughran, Lagan Construction’s CEO

For more information on the Lagan Construction Group’s Vision, Mission and Values as well as its work within the communities in which it operates, visit our Community page.

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