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Lagan Construction Group Supports Young Talent

19 Jan 2017

Lagan Construction Group has joined forces with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), the Department for the Economy, 25 fellow employers and all six of Northern Ireland’s (NI) further education colleges to develop and support the Work+ civil engineering apprenticeship scheme.

Developed in 2016, the scheme aims to tackle the impending skills shortage in civil engineering identified by the Government in the face of major infrastructure delivery.

With the scheme currently taking two years to complete, each Work+ civil engineering apprentice spends four days a week on site learning valuable skills with employers directly and a further day in one of NI’s further education colleges.

Ryan Pickering, a Work+ civil engineering apprentice currently working on Lagan Construction Group’s A379 Bridge widening scheme in Exeter has seen real value in the scheme so far. Due to complete in May 2017, the project has a contract value of £10m and is part of the Exeter Principle Urban Scheme to improve local urban transport in and around Exeter.

As part of the Work+ civil engineering apprentice scheme Ryan works under the mentorship of an experienced Chartered Engineer; ensuring that good habits and best practice are developed from the outset of his career. As part of his training, Ryan will gain invaluable hands on experience in areas such as Design, Project Planning, Operations and Health and Safety.

The Work+ civil engineer apprenticeship scheme provides a practical platform for any budding engineer looking for a clear route to chartership. Ryan already feels that he is on track to achieve his engineering goals.

They [Lagan Construction Group] have been so supportive of me. They want me to become the best that I can be by following the Lagan way from the very start. At the end of the two-year apprenticeship, Lagan Construction Group has already talked about putting me through University…By the end of all this I want to be a Chartered Engineer. That’s something I really strive to be.”
Ryan Pickering, a Work+ civil engineering apprentice

As well as clear route to professional qualifications, other major benefits for Work+ civil engineer apprentices include no fees and a £10,000 starting salary.

For more information on Lagan Construction Group’s career development and apprenticeships, visit the Careers section of our website.

For more information on the Work+ civil engineering apprenticeship visit NI Direct.

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