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Lagan Construction Group working with Action Mental Health to deliver Health & Wellbeing initiatives

24 May 2016

As part of Lagan Construction Group’s health and wellbeing initiatives for employees, the company are working with Action Mental Health to deliver initiatives surrounding mental health to employees.

Action Mental Health are a local charity who aim to promote resilience and wellbeing in order to help deal with the stresses and pressures of modern life in both work and at home. The charity is working with Lagan Construction Group to deliver personal resilience courses to employees highlighting mental health issues such as stress in the workplace and depression.

To mark Lagan Construction Group’s commitment to their health and wellbeing initiatives, CEO Colin Loughran met with David Babbington, CEO of Action Mental Health, to discuss the partnership.

“It is a sad truth that as much as one in four people in Northern Ireland will experience a mental illness at some point in their life. Our long-term vision is to break down the walls of stigmatisation and social isolation by encouraging more people to open up and talk about mental ill-health in our local communities. Action Mental Health therefore connect with various organisations, such as Lagan Construction Group, to help increase awareness of mental well-being amongst employees and provide them with the right knowledge and support should they need it.”
David Babbington, CEO of Action Mental Health

Pictured: David Babbington (CEO, Action Mental Health) and Colin Loughran (CEO, Lagan Construction Group)

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