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Minor Works completed at Musgrave Park Hospital

07 Aug 2017

H&J Martin Asset Management Services Minor Works Team has recently completed a project at Musgrave Park Hospital as part of the current MTC Contract with Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.

The Project involved the provision of a new footpath and pedestrian crossing on the main road through the site, to facilitate the safe transfer of patients and visitors around the existing site. The new footpath links Withers Wards to the former Duke of Connaught Unit. Withers Wards Orthopaedics makes Musgrave Park Hospital one of the leading orthopaedic and musculoskeletal centres of excellence in all of Europe.

During the 4 weeks of programmed works, strict traffic control measures were put in place to ensure that Vehicles and Pedestrians could access the entire site while works progressed, during normal working hours safely and unhindered.

The Work were completed on time and within budget.

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