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RAF Marham Team Participate in Safety & Resilience Day

14 Nov 2018
Station Safety Day

Pictured are members of the GTLC Team L-R: Nebojsa Marinkovic (QA/QC Engineer) Ryan Holbrook (Apprentice) Emma Findley (Trainee PM) Mark Thomas (HSE Manager) Julia Hornby (HSE Administrator) Neil Angus (Security Manager) Anhar Choudhury (Project Planner) Alexander Hanna (Graduate Design Manager)

A total of 15 teams participated in the annual event which is a competition to promote and raise awareness to the health, safety, security and environmental functions that the RAF have to plan and prepare for as part of the operational preparedness of the facility.

The participating teams were set to task to navigate their way around a number of topical stands where they were rated on their ability to answer questions and perform tasks relative to a series of topics which included Fire Protection, FOD, First Aid, Spill Containment, Air Safety Management, Mental Wellbeing, Driving Safety, Air Traffic Control and Functional Safety and the Environment.

The teams also demonstrated their ability to respond to three mock scenarios which included discovering a suspicious package, discovering a live weapon and discovering an unauthorised individual.

GTLC were the only contracted organisation external to the RAF and Navy to partake in the event and after three hours of competition acquitted themselves admirably by achieving 3rd place.

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